Frequently Asked Questions

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Are all products authentic?

Yes. We only deal with 100% authentic products.

We source all orders from licensed and authentic suppliers/wholesalers. 

Everything we sell is 100% authentic. We guarantee it.

How do I order?

To place an order, please complete our order form by clicking here. Someone from our friendly team will get back to you within a few hours with more information.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal, Bank Transfer and Bitcoin. 

Do you offer returns or exchanges?

All products are carefully inspected to ensure they’re in perfect condition before we ship them to you. We are unable to accept returns or exchanges so please make sure you’re 100% certain of your order before paying.

How long is shipping?

Once you place your order, we’ll get in touch with our suppliers to source the item(s) you’ve ordered. This usually takes between 1-5 days.

We’ll then send out your order for Next Day Delivery (UK residents) and Express Delivery (for International residents). 

Unlike other Personal Shopping services, we don’t hold massive stock of products. Instead, we source all orders from our suppliers once a customer pays. By cutting out the need to hold physical stock, we’re able to save costs which in turn allow us to provide our customers with affordable and under retail prices!

How much does shipping cost?

UK customers get free shipping on all orders. Customers outside the UK will receive a custom price for shipping (between £20 – £40).

Can you deliver to hotels?

Yes, we can. This is something we do for many high profile celebrities and personalities. 

Why are some items higher than retail price?

Certain products are sometimes harder to obtain due to how exclusive or rare it is. As a result of this, we add a sourcing fee on the retail price. 

Items which sell out fast on release (such as Yeezy’s) are usually the ones that cost more than RRP due to how high the demand is.